Booking at Howlers 101:

Hello and welcome to Howlers booking! Below you will find all the info you need for a show at Howlers.

Just the facts...

1) Howlers books shows 5 nights a week. Generally Wednesday through Sunday with Mondays and Tuesdays as days of rest. It is a rare occasion that we will take a Monday or Tuesday show as Pittsburgh tends to be a difficult town for getting people out and local bands to play on those nights.

2) Check the calendar for dates open. Send us a date request to Tell us who you are, whether you are local or touring, your preference of date(s). It helps if there’s a little wiggle room. Three possible dates in order of preference, genre and a link to your music.

3) We will review your request and check for date availability, compatibility to the venue, and possibility of making a good show of it and respond within a reasonable time (generally within a 5 day period) We really do try to get to all the emails in a timely manner.

Show at Howlers – Basics:

We are a play for the door venue. We do not offer guarantees except in very rare circumstances. If you are a touring act, finding good local support is key to a successful show. We will try to help as much as we can. We expect you to to reach out to locals with whom you may be familiar and would like to play a show.

If needed, we can provide a Pittsburgh Media list to help you with promo.

Locals – we expect you, at a minimum, to promote your show to your fans/family/friends.

We can help, shows will get listed in the local free listings, on our website and other social media. We can only promote the venue, you know your fan base better than we do. Working together will create a much better show for you and Howlers. Communication is key here!

Bands set their own door price and keep whatever they bring in on the door. There is no room charge, however we do expect you to provide your own door person. The venue will provide a door person for a $45 charge, but let us know at the time of booking if you will need this service. If you do not let us know at the time of booking, we will NOT provide a door person. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Age limits – 21+

We are a bar, and Pennsylvania Liquor Control is pretty strict on this... sorry minors we cannot accommodate any under 21 shows.

Room Capacity = 150

Load in - anytime after 6 pm, sound tech usually arrives by 8:30. If you need early sound checks, please let us know.

Weekday shows have a 12:30 am curfew, Friday/Saturday shows can go till 1:30 am.

Sound – Howlers has an excellent sound system w/ digital mixing and recording capability. The room has been made acoustically sound. Our sound techs are all well trained and very good at what they do. We do not generally allow outside sound techs.

Stage – We have a large stage capable of accommodating all your equipment and bands with numerous members.

Lighting – We have a pretty basic lighting system, mostly oranges & blues on a fader. Should you feel the need to bring in extra lights.. please have this approved ahead of time. We do not always have the power or space to accommodate extra lighting.

Band Percs:

We provide some cheap drafts, soda and water for the performers

- We can record your set direct to DVD with a live audio stream (separate from the board + monitor mixes).

- We can burn you a dvd of your set at your request. We do not record each set by default, so please inform the house engineer before your set begins if you would like a dvd.

- Oh, and it's only $1!

Any further details, questions, comments can be discussed at time of booking. We can't stress enough that communication is essential to a great show.

Thanks for your interest in booking at Howlers.


Howlers Booking Manager


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