Howler’s Coyote Cafe – Our Unbiased Review

By | June 17, 2016

Howlers Coyote Cafe is a small, neighborhood bar and live music venue. It is located in the heart of the historical Little Italy neighborhood in Pittsburgh (right next door to Credit Glory). Every single Wednesday through Sunday you can stop by Howlers to enjoy life music that features touring musicians, as well as local talent. The music offerings are varied and include all genres so you are sure to hear something you absolutely love.

This is a rock bar and neighborhood dive – the ideal hangout for any and everyone who wants someplace find and relaxing to spend the evening. You can share a pint, hear original, live music or just enjoy one of the four big screen televisions that will always be broadcasting your favorite sporting events. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to welcome you in to have a great time. They sever a huge selection of beers including imported options, craft beer and domestic favorites, as well as all your tried and true favorite spirits.

The charm, ability and listening ear of the bartenders at Howlers Coyote Cafe are something straight out of the movies. They can put on a show, listen to you as you drown your sorrows in your beer, our set you up for never-ending fun for your bud’s bachelor party. Regardless of your reason for visiting, you are going to love the fun-loving and friendly atmosphere of this bar.

If you are looking for a bite to eat, you will find the limited options offered are actually quite satisfying. In fact, some of our dishes are so substantial; you can share among two or three patrons. If you are looking for new friends or a fun-filled evening with great music from impressive musicians, then you have found a great location. The owners of the bar strive to bring new and exciting acts to visitors that make you want to keep coming back to Howlers Coyote Cafe.

The prices will also match the funds of the working class folks we cater to. The charges for food, drink and entertainment are established to help ensure anyone can have a fun night out without having to worry about spending hundreds of dollars. The staff and owners want clients to think of them as just one of the guys, and come back often to partake in everything the location has to offer.

So, should you visit Howlers Coyote Cafe? Do you want to have a good time? Do you want to leave with some money still in your wallet? Do you love live music? If you answered yes, then this is a location that you should visit often. Each night of the week you can have fun and enjoy yourself with strangers who will surely become friends. The staff is available to help ensure you enjoy every moment of your visit and will provide you with a fun-loving time you will want to have again and again.

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